rainbow bridge

Get in tune - this is a MIDI file of Top E

The Jam Tracks !

Classic Slow Blues Jam in E

Electric slow jam blues in b-flat

Jam track based on Texas Flood, in F# , which means play in G position, tuned a half step down. This version has a little guitar help on the intro and some subtle organ to add colour- 65 bpm

Same jam track but with just bass and drums - again F#, 65 bpm

Texas Flood style track again but in G for harp players - 65 bpm

Long slow blues in B-flat minor, Albert King style will work.

Cool feel, Slow Blues in D with jazzy feel

Jam track based on 'Rock Me Baby', slowish blues in A

Jazz-blues groove in F Minor, 120 bpm, inspired by a Robben Ford tune

Slowish mellow blues in A

Mid-tempo jam in E with a funkier feel

A bluesy groove in E

'Black Night' jam track in E

Raw acoustic-electric blues in G, one for the harp players

Slowish 8 bar blues in C, with guitar fills

Same 8 bar blues in C, without added guitar fills

Straight Rock Number in E

"Comfortably Numb Jam in B minor - this jam track opens with a vocal last line of the chorus and then gives you Solo One jam immediately followed by Solo 2"

Rock 'Grapevine' Jam in A minor

Cocaine Chord Progression in D

Slow bluesy progression in B....with a hint of country

Mid tempo Electric Chicago Blues in A 131 bpm
Same track tuned down to G131 bpm

Blues rock track in E - ideal for just woodshedding and wailing away
Bluesblast demo jam

Blues shuffle in G, with organ and bass only, based on the standard 'In The Middle Of The Night'.

Mid tempo boogie in E with a jazz orientated feel..

Solid mid tempo rocker in A

Bluesblast version of Cissy Strut - jam night staple in C

Basic rock in D with plenty of room for a wild solo
And a slightly alcohol fed demo jam

Straight ahead Chicago shuffle in E, fairly fast, 150 bpm.

Hard Rock style, in E mid tempo 120 bpm.

Classic I'll Play the Blues for You in G minor.

This is a backing track using the progression from the old Free number 'Fire and Water', key of B minor , 115 bpm

8 bar blues jam in G, inspired by Elmore James 'It Hurts Me Too' , 85 bpm

Extended up-tempo blues-rock jam in A , with a greasy feel, 180 bpm

Mid-tempo blues style groove in E, nice easy combo feel
Harp friendly variant of the same track, in G

Another harp-friendly track - this is an up-tempo country-rock blues jam in G , 190 bpm

And one more for the harp players, a nice little acoustic jam in G, kind of country blues

Kind of a swamp groove, key of E , 90 bpm

Very slow C minor blues , inspired by Zep 'Since I've Been lovin You'

Basic blues-rock, straight time, key of A , 125 bpm

16 bar minor blues, ALbert King style, key of A minor , approx 100 bpm

My take on the slow blues classic Stormy Monday in G (note there is a 4 bar intro before the main progression)

Up-tempo (170 bpm) jazz blues in b-flat with some introductory and bridging riffage around several jazz blues choruses

Up-tempo blues groove with a jazz feel in C , 170 bpm

Nice blues-rock jam - key of A , 117 bpm

Basic blues combo jam in C, 120 BPM

Practice those Chuck Berry riffs - Rock and Roller - 154 bpm in key of C

Medium-Slow blues groove in A

Jazzy blues in Eb , 130 bpm

Funked up 16 bar blues in E

Rock Jam , in A, 166 bpm - the chords are in 2 sections A G C D and A F A E. You can play this with a straight pentatonic or do some more neo-classic frilly stuff
Same rock jam in A, sped up to 183 bpm.

Here's a kind of funky blues jam in B

Jam along to the Long Train Running progression in E minor

6 minutes of mid-tempo straight ahead blues - got a kind of fuzz rhythm guitar so a clean tone sounds good - A, 130 BPM


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