Tune Up Here - MIDI file of Top E

New Tracks from 2008 & 2009.

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Slowish blues with a rock feel in E - extended length so cool jamming

Another mid-tempo funk blues jam, this time in A

Mid Tempo Blues-Rock in A

Big fat slow blues in G - 56 bpm

The Thrill Is Gone - version in B minor - 90 bpm

Up-tempo Brit Blues Boom feel jam in G - 170 bpm

Bluesblast Demo Jam

Contemporary blues-jazz groove in G - the main groove has 2 sections - a basic G / Bflat / C groove and circle of 5'ths based - E-A-D section, 93 bpm

Soul-pop feel, key of D 160 bpm. One take saturday morning, something to jam to !

Jam version of Come On - Earl King / Hendrix rocker, key of E 154 bpm

Bounce blues in F
Same track in G
Same track in A

Yer basic 16 bar blues, harp-friendly key, 88 BPM - key of G

Uptempo 16 bar blues rocker - key of A

Very long and simple rock jam in E, basically a mega-wank - 120 BPM

Up-temp jump blues jam in D; kind of crude one-take recording but fun to play along - 180 BPM

Extended bluesy-jazzy vamp in D

Sunshine of Your Love Jam in E

Slow classic blues in G, comes in from the top, 56 bpm

Same track processed to Bflat, 56 bpm

Basic medium tempo straight ahead blues in A 88 bpm
Same gritty blues transposed down to G 88 bpm

Up-tempo brit-style rock and roll, 180 bpm to strut some Chuck riffs to. Key is E

Rock jam in E - 154 BPM.

This track is based on one of the excellent blues drum tracks that are available at Lawrence Fritts page, University of Iowa

Simple medium-pace blues-rock jam in B

Another more mid-tempo blues-rock jam - key of A , 117 bpm

This is a slow soulful rendition of the 'Rhythm Changes' progression in B Flat, with 4X32 bar cycles. In addition to the jazz blues, this is a must-learn progression for would-be jazzers
Rhythm Changes Chord Progression - click here

Slow bluesy feel in b minor. Its kind of a rough track with a young stand-in bass player but the feel is good

Jazz tinged mid-tempo loose jamming blues in D with a swing

Jam version of 70's white soul number 'How Long' in C min