Blues Guitar Jam Tracks 2003

rainbow bridge
Get in tune - this is a MIDI file of Top E

The Tracks !!

Mid tempo Chicago boogie in A - 120 bpm

Chicago blues in E, 72 bpm
The same track in e-flat - , 72 bpm

Nice slow jazzy swingy blues, key of F , 100 bpm

Medium-paced jazz tinged blues in D- a clean BB King style jam sounds good - hope you like it !

Contemporary feel blues in A 154 bpm
Same track transposed to G for harp players

Up-tempo jazzy swinging blues , key of A , 170 bpm

Classic slow blues jam in E

Jam impression of Green Onions - key of F

Bluesblast take on Gimme Shelter in C#

Nice comfortable swinging 12-bar blues groove - 120 bpm in key of C

Up-tempo, somewhat heavy blues shuffle in B

Practice those Chuck Berry riffs - Rock and Roller - 154 bpm in key of C

UpTempo swinging shuffle in A, 154 bpm, based on a Luther Allison riff

Standard medium shuffle blues in E , 110 bpm

Same basic drum track as the track above, but different guitar feel, 120 bpm, key of A

Guitar blues stomp, ideal for harp players, 120 bpm, key of G

Slow and soulful blues in A Minor

Mid tempo minor blues jam in A minor- chords simply go Aminor F Aminor G - sweet and simple

Jam to the freebird chord progression, 140 bpm. Key of G

Blues-rock in the style of a 60s Brit blues, such as the Yardbirds - key of G with 2 modulations to make it interesting , both up 1 whole step to A and then B , 155 bpm

Slow blues jam with a classic rock feel - in D

Jazz jam inspired by Larry Carlton's Room 335 and suggested by Greg. 130 bpm & technically in key of A
Here are the chords - you will probably need these
And here is me jamming a chorus - this is technically the most complex jam file I've ever put together. Send me a good jam recording & I'll post it - have fun..Martin.

Very cool jam submitted by Rich Ermlick - check this out

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