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Tune Up Here - MIDI file of Top E

Tracks from 2005 and later.

Jam track using the progression from 'Down By The River' in E minor. This track is recorded live with a real (beginner) drummer and has a real jam session feel. The basic change is Emin - A7 ; E blues scale is good.
MP3 3.0 Mb

If you like straight ahead Chicago blues this one should work for you - its a fast mid-tempo, 141 bpm in the key of A

The same straight aheadv blues in G, 141 bpm in the key of A

This is a short fast (220 bpm) rockabilly number in A. Bluesblast takes a 16 bar solo

Do It Again - jam version of Steely Dan classic in E

Blues Stomp in G - I really like this one
Stomp Demo

Kind of country rock, mid-tempo, key of G

This one's just a real old steady blues jam inspired by listening to the Eric Clapton album 'Me and Mr Johnson'. It's in G and works well for slide or harp players

This is a blues standard - a mid-tempo shuffle in E at 128 bpm ; very traditional user friendly stuff
Same jam, reprocessed into G for the harp players

Twang classic - Apache jam track - little up tempo from standard
Bluesblast demo jam

Another jam inspired by the same album. This time it's 'Red Hot' in the key of E. The chords are fairly complex so its a bit of a challenge playing over the changes
Bluesblast Demo

This is a soul-funk jam in C Minor, based on the Isley's That Lady - you can jam along with a C blues scale
Here's a Bluesblast demo jam

Basic 12-bar boogie in A - quite fast at 160 bpm
Demo jam

This is a rock number recorded as a one-take live performance so it has a real live feel - key of E, 90 bpm, just a solid heavy rocker

This is a fast rock number in G min at 190 bpm. The chorus chords go Gmin, D, Bb, C.... I made this to practice the transition from straight solo playing to tapping

This is a slow G minor blues based on Albert King's Nothing But The Blues. Watch out for the 2 bar hook Bb7, C7 going into the D chord - it adds up to a 14 bar cycle

Jam version of Albert King's Crosscut Saw - the Stax version in key of B, 100 bpm

Version of the Roy Buchanan Sweet Dreams in G

Sort of mid-tempo cool slightly funky blues-rock, slightly non-standard chords, it's in C - 145 bpm.

Another mid-tempo funk-blues E

This track is an attempt to recreate the feel of the long Voodoo Chile jam from Electric Ladyland. The tune is basically a 24 bar cycle, slow blues riff. Listen for the bass doing an upward run to marke the end of each 4 bar group and a drum fill of 1 bar that leads into the key change and the start of each 24 bar cycle. Key is D minor

This is a kind of blues-rock, perhaps 60's style jam, kind of Animals-ish in A.

demo jam. Notice using major scale over the A section and blues scale over D chord

Track inspired by Black Magic Woman in D minor at 120 bpm. This is similar to the Santana version with the Gypsy Queen intro-outro.
Cool demo jam submitted by Richard Jones

Swing-blues feel based on Van Morrison's Moondance in A.

Jam track based on Satriani's Surfing With The Alien in G. The song is structured into 3 sections with chords that go G-C-C-G (x4), E-C-G-D (X2), C#min, EbMin, F. Excellent jamming number with plenty of room for different ideas.

Just a slow soulful jam in A minor
Demo jammin

2 versions of a Cream style Crossroads Jam in E - version 1
Crossoads Jam - Version 2

First of 2 versions of The Stumble, this one fairly close in tempo to the original- key of E - 120 bpm - ish

Second version of The Stumble, very fast at 160 bpm, again in E
Bluesblast demo jam at 160 bpm.

Pretty much a standard slow blues in A, 65 bpm

A kind of a solid swinging jazzy blues in D

Chicago type blues in the key of G for harp players, 100 bpm

BluesBlast Rocks at Soundclick.Com

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