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This page describes some of the hardware, software and techniques that I use to create MP3 files

using loop or MIDI drum tracks & Audio recordings of live guitar, bass, drums or keyboards performance.

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rainbow bridge

The software packages that I use are :-

Adobe Audition 3

MAGIX Music Studio - Multimedia editor to multitrack MIDI and Audio recordings

TS-404 Richy Hoffman's brilliant analog synthesizer

My current PC hardware is a custom built machine on a Gigabyte motherboard with a Soundblaster Audigy LS soundcard. I also have a BOSS DR-550 Drum Machine and 3 external MIDI systems,a Roland XP-10 keyboard, a YAMAHA TX81Z and an EMS-100.

Most of the time my guitar is processed through a Fender Super Champ XD or aJohnson J-Stationand an Epiphone 5-watt tube head driving a 1X12 Celestion cab, my Line 6 Spider III 30 or my 3 watt mini tube combo . I also have a POD and a Behringer Bass UltraBass 1800H Head driving a 2X10 closed back Cab.

All this feeds through a Behringer Eurorack mixing desk - most times I record some mixture of direct and miked sound to give it all some live feel.

Click here for a list of the pre-set patterns in the DR550 drum machine.

cat jam
Studio Schematic.

Here is a useful file of information about frequencies of common instruments for help in mixing and filtering

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